SIX13|RDD Media Research Group a Creative Company

  • Innovation: In order to grow above and beyond, we must look ahead and move forward. Learn from the past while not dwelling on its fame or faults. Achieving success requires instinctual discernment, embrace of risk, and acceptance of results. Visualize the goal, train to achieve: run, jump, reach, and grasp until the dream is yours.
  • Differentiation: Whether person or product, each story is unique. Duplication only occurs through intended copy. Be your own brand by building your own story, and your product or service will reflect the authenticity. Bottom lines benefit from good business based on great brands.
  • Integration: Inclusion of ideas and thought diversity are of equal importance and mirror in magnitude. Practical application of an inclusion theory and a dedication to diversity are the integrative lifeblood of a culturally advanced organization.
  • Orchestration: Actionable media research and organized planning strategies blended with art and instincts are needed to sustain a consistent impact across multiple channels. Your brand must have a marketable message, a brilliant backstory. As a creative company with an art house agenda, SIX13|RDD is an emotive exercise in healthy company culture. Relying on brand loyalty is a dated endeavor and, in truth, accepted without question for far too many decades. In the now era it is vital that your want, not your need but your true want, is to earn your buyer’s business and your audience’s attention each and every time you engage them.
  • Intangible Augmentation: Unmatched ambition, unbridled enthusiasm, and an unequivocal business belief system also capable of finding fun in the details will light the fires and maintain the flames. Extend the blaze to your business. Assure that people compete by teaming up with you, and win by working with you.
  • Mamba Out: Score 60 in your final game like Kobe Bryant. Translation? Leave like you’re never leaving, leaving the lasting impression that you never left; that you will never leave a stone unturned, a job undone, or your benefactors behind. Legends never leave.

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