SIX13|RDD Media Research Group a Creative Company

The SIX13 art museum is creative produced by our in-house art brand Pure DOPE. The result is a city centric series of satellite showrooms presenting virtual and high-resolution images as well as traditional static collections of three-dimensional artifacts, performance art, and other forms of creative expression. Serving the au courant vanguard of progressive 21st century cognoscenti, the exhibits include decorative art such as sculptures and paintings, furniture and textiles, costumes, drawings, collages, prints and other installation art.


In keeping with the Pure DOPE brand’s highbrow urban foundation and deep immersion in what creator and curator ToneSwep refers to as the “innovative entertainment arts”, key focuses include the inclusion of makeup artists, fashion and hair stylists, photographers, wardrobe stylists, videographers, authors, DJ’s, chefs, skateboarders, and designers exhibited in an art gallery setting engineered to offer exposure to global buyers in international markets.

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