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Mindset + Lifestyle = MIND-STYLE. Pure DOPE Magazine captures and expresses the aura and elements exemplified by an emerging mainstream of inner-city entrepreneurs. Not dope dealers. DOPE thinkers. A group chiefly in fashion, literature, music, furniture, design, visual art, travel, café culture, fine dining, coupe pushin’ and condo livin’. In essence, a fearlessly progressive, ambitiously daring group hell-bent on being heaven sent. The mindset of Pure DOPE, SEXEE MAG, and MANSION are each dedicated to varying degrees of a fiercely forward-thinking, ideologically rebellious social theory. Advancing the culture is always the goal of any move we make.

Pure DOPE calls this highbrow urban Mind-Style “Young, Fly & Affluent”. This culture of individuals adds their unique perspective, style, color, flavor and, most importantly, their thoughts, instincts and actions, to an otherwise bland American menu. They are each a color on this cultural canvass. Urban elitist meets street realist. Old landscapes meet new money. The coolest in the game drop the hottest sh!t we have ever heard, seen, and felt – and call it fame.

DOPE MAG belongs to the urban elitist. If you are on fire. We are a fan of the flames.

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