Nadia Dawn – Expresses her SEXEE


Q: What is most SEXEE about you?

A: Probably the fact that I don’t really care. I will wear whatever I want, get ready in 15 minutes and go out without make-up on (Laughs!). I’m pretty real. And being real is SEXEE.

Q: Why is being SEXEE so powerful?

A: Men and women alike are at your every beck and call when you’re SEXEE.

Q: With new media, smart devices, social media, and web sites having taken over the world. Is smart the new SEXEE?

A: Yes, social media is essential in today’s business. I don’t want to date a guy who updates his Twitter and FB with personal selfies, or posts a pic of every place he travels to. That’s somewhat fab to me. Now, a business man that posts pics for his brand or product is yes very essential and super SEXEE. An actor, or model, or host with selfies is not so SEXEE. As you can tell I’m totally over industry guys (Laughs!)

Q: You are originally from Toronto. Give us three common misconceptions about Canadians?

A: When I tell people what I had to do to work here in the US, some have said: “Why? You live in Canada. It’s basically the same country.” When I say I’m from Toronto and I speak French, people automatically feel that’s because I am Canadian. NOPE! Most people in Toronto don’t even speak French. I studied the French language in the South of France. Another misconception is when people say that I don’t look Canadian. Ok, so what does a Canadian person look like? It’s actually a nation of various different ethnicities all comprised in one. Canada is a medley of various ethnic groups from around the world.

Q: You have so many things going on, from modeling and acting to various business ventures: Busy girl. Fill us in.

A: I try to keep myself busy by doing everything. I’ve taken up poker and played with Jack Black the other day for RSNHOPE.ORG, to raise awareness to the organization because it benefits people in need of a kidney. I’ve also partnered up with the Women Like Us Foundation. Visit them at It’s an organization helping women to fight back from dire circumstances.  It’s run by Catt Sadler from E! We are going to Africa in June for volunteer work with women and children. Acting and modeling has given me a platform to become a brand, a voice that can be heard. It has given me the opportunity to be positive and help people worldwide.

Q: You have effectively transitioned from street glam modeling, to mainstream modeling, to spokes-modeling. Tell all the aspiring models out there how you made that happen.

A: My dreams just kept getting bigger. I never really stopped. I felt like I wanted to do everything. I realized that you have one life, you know. This is it. You have to live it to its fullest but not forget to enjoy the journey, which I’ve forgotten many of times. Everything was fun for me at the time I was doing urban modeling, but then it ran its course and I was on to my next goal. Also, I didn’t land a series or a huge movie so I had to hustle. I had to do as many magazines as possible, I had to become a brand. I had to stay in the US so it was do or die for me. And I did.

Q: The cliché says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But what material royalty is this gorgeous girl’s BFF?

A: I actually think diamonds are overrated, even though I wouldn’t say no to them. Happiness, however, is underrated. You can have all the riches in the world and still not be happy. I’ve learned that.

Q: Give us a startling revelation about you that only a close friend or confidant would know.

A: Oh boy! That I’m really insecure. I think a lot of people that get in this business are. It’s to validate themselves, to prove themselves. As if you want people to believe you aren’t insecure when you really and truly are.

Q: Your eyes are mesmerizing. How have they enabled you to see things differently from others?

A: I tend to look at life as my one shot to live my dream. I have fears all the time but I try to push it away and fight for my dreams. Fight for my happiness, and fight for my peace within myself.

Q: Tell us why all the guys proposing to you haven’t gotten a “Yes!” Has the rock not been big enough? What are the magic words those elegant ears of yours needs to hear?

A: I haven’t been ready until now. I was here, there, and everywhere. I am finally ready to settle down and be with one person for the rest of my life. I really am ready to get married. Being married would be so SEXEE.


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