SIX13|RDD Media Research Group a Creative Company

SIX13|RDD Media Research Group was founded by writer-producer Tone Swep in 2007. The company operates as a hybrid brand umbrella and is responsible for the creation, development, production, and publishing of three highly successful international media outlets: Pure DOPE Magazine (2010-2017), SEXEE Magazine (2013-2017), and MANSION Men’s Magazine (2015-2017).

Through SIX13|RDD’s consultative division – DOPE 310 {D3} – the company provides brand innovation, creative project development, image, lifestyle, and sales channel consulting in the artist/entertainer, indie/startup, street boutique and eCommerce space.

In 2015, SIX13|RDD launched its newly minted production house – LOOTxRIOT. The indie arts imprint currently has the fantasy thriller “Roses After Abel” in development. As a screenwriter, Swep has written and developed motion projects for film/television producers Tracey Baker-Simmons and Wanda Shelley of B2 Entertainment; Will Packer and Rob Hardy of Rainforest Films; Edmonds Entertainment, and Grand Hustle’s Jason Geter, among others.

As a creative producer, Swep is credited with introducing and popularizing such themes as “Young, Fly & Affluent”, “HighBrow Urban”, and “Literary Lifestyle”. The visionary’s thought marketing, globally immersive, social capital approach to artist coverage – along with a consistent dedication to gender diversity and ethnic inclusion – is widely considered a Zeitgeist lightning rod in the millennial/Gen Z demographic of multi-cultural American media.